Grand Opening in May 2023

We are looking forward to welcome you

Expressions of Mediterranean aura

In Paros Island Greece


The new and exciting version of MINOIS luxury boutique hotel on Paros island, embodies Mediterranean aura in its entire spectrum and all its glory. It represents a marvelous amalgam of alluring temperaments, hues, patterns, materials, shapes and expressions, all of which emit warmth, delight and vivacity under the prism of colorful, luminous auras that are linked to both people and places.

MINOIS enters a new era…

Drawing inspiration from all the countries of the Mediterranean basin, MINOIS tells a riveting story of harmonious contrasts.The story begins with the iconic white, cubist houses that are a tradition in Cycladic architecture. Typically clustered together, they represent a blank Cycladic canvas of endless possibilities, waiting to be drawn upon. Their emblematic whiteness, that radiates a light so pure, is warmed by lively colors and natural textures, as reflections of the Spanish, French and Italian rivieras with touches of Moroccan decor, all of which cumulatively personify the aura of the Mediterranean, as expressions of a singular, more inclusive identity.


Sense the pulse of the Mediterranean

Salt Expression

Hike & Salt Harvesting Expression

The seascape beneath Minois Hotel reveals an intriguing coastline, made up of both rugged bays and sandy beaches like Parasporos and Agia Irini, all of which you can discover by foot. Our morning Hike & Salt Harvesting Expression takes you to a private, beautiful rocky bay whose crevices become small, natural salt pools as the bright Parian sun evaporates the moisture from the Aegean sea. We then return back to the property to combine small bites of local products with infinitely natural, unrefined salt – this humble mineral that forever changed the culinary world.

Heirloom Vegetable Harvest Table

Farm to Table Expression

A small botanical garden within the property infuses the sea breeze with true Mediterranean fragrances that are carried on the wind.An array of herbs and vegetables grow here and our Farm to Table Expression takes you through the garden to observe them, harvest those that are ready, then proceed to incorporate them in various Parian and Greek dishes. Each time, you’ll be trying something different, depending on what our land has to offer. The dishes are prepared by our Michelin awarded consultant, Chef Alexandros Tsiotinis, and his Team who will be guiding you along this culinary experience.


Traditional Crafting Expression

Paros is known for its long-standing tradition in the folk crafts of weaving and ceramic pottery.These were emblematic artefacts of any household used in people’s everyday lives. Our Traditional Crafting Expression is an immersive introduction to these customary crafting arts by way of argalios (weaving loom) and ceramic pottery workshops. Experience this Greek cultural expression, through creating your own piece to take back home with you.


Sunset Beach Picnic Expression

The sandy beach of Parasporos is only a 4 minute walk from Minois Hotel. It is a beach that offers the best of both worlds, with an organised, lively section featuring beach bars and another unorganised, more laid-back section with direct sunset views. Our Sunset Beach Picnic Expression is an upon request experience whereby we create an idyllic beach setting for you in the latter section. The setup includes a beach rug for comfort, as well as a picnic basket packed with drinks and snacks for you to enjoy a magical sunset on the beach.


Stargazing Expression

The hilltop of Minois Hotel is the perfect place for taking in all the glory of the Mediterranean sky. Nature is the world’s greatest artist, as she creates everchanging masterpieces in the sky – be it with collages made of clouds during the day, cotton candy-coloured sunset shows at sundown or star-strewn canvases at night. In order for you to take it all in, we have created a quiet spot for truly unwinding as you sky watch and stargaze. A telescope will be at your disposal to watch the constellations and match them with the Greek Mythology.


Hike & Salt Harvesting


Farm to Table


Traditional Crafting


Sunset Beach Picnic


Stargazing Expression

Grand opening in May 2023
We are in great anticipation of the moment when our doors open to welcome you.

What to expect

Vibrant Living
fine dine
Elevated Cuisine
Soulful Hospitality
Mediterranean Wellbeing
Vibrant Living
fine dine
Elevated Cuisine
Soulful Hospitality
Mediterranean Wellbeing